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Aren't you bored by investing your work and time in creating non-returning blog or website? Start making money easily by just posting high quality articles.

dBlog isfree and easy to use. You can choose your website's design from 3 modern and nice-looking templates. You won't pay anything unless you earn something. And if so, everything will be settled-up automatically!

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Game reviews, guides, stories and news

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Shaine Mata

Seeking Freedom

Nancie Neal

Author of Zherosha Chronicles

All things Crypto and Dapp Related

I enjoy testing out and reviewing crypto dapps as well as almost everything else crypto

kashmir heaven on earth


About dBlog

HIVE Blockchain

All content is stored directly in HIVE blockchain. You don't need to own any dedicated server or other hosting

User targeted

Simple but powerfull website templates with integrated HIVE accounts handling. Let your readers interact with your content easy and secure

SEO friendly

Be visible on the web. SEO powered templates will boost your position on search engines results

Not enough?

Easy installation

You can create your own blog with just few clicks in three simple steps

Admin dashboard

Configure everything and create articles in one place

Free *.com domain

For highest tier you can request .com domain for one year. Totally for free!

Fully responsive

It doesn't matter whether your project will be displayed on desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone

MDB Magazine Template displayed on iPhone
Blog with your domain

If you own a domain, you can easily use it to create blog without any charge

Useful templates

Modern and nice looking templates will help you create your ideal blog

No deposit

Don't pay for anything! We will took few percents from your articles rewards

Track blockchain operations

You will see every interaction on your dashboard panel. You won't miss anything

...and even more

Cross-browser compatibility

Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge - dBlog loves all browsers; all browsers love dBlog.

Frequent updates

dBlog becomes better every month. We love the project and enhance as much as possible.

Active community

HIVE society grows day by day. Creating high quality websites will boost it even more.


All templates are fully responsive so your blog will look good even on mobile phones.


You can configure your website easily by using admin dashboard.

Technical support

We care about reliability. If you have any questions - do not hesitate to contact us.


We would love to hear your ideas and new features requests. Just contact us!

Custom templates

We can create new powerfull template specially for you. We just need to talk.